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The Apacs Thunderdome 6.2 racket is designed to give you faster sharper smashes and at the same time let you enjoy the precise drop shot and netting play. This amazing racket was used by Apacs sponsored Paralympic gold medalist Cheah Liek Hou in the 2020 Summer Paralympics.

  • Designed with Compact Frame, which increases the Speed in the swing, and overall improve execution with Power and more Control.
  • Super Slim Shaft is more aerodynamic and reduces air resistance making your shot stronger and more intense shot.
  • The racket is a medium flex racket that will deliver more power even for beginners
  • The Apacs Thunderdome 6.2 is fast racket and is developed to suit power based players who want more control or those seeking to produce instant power for smashes.
  • This racket is awesome to play with, and with the price over performance, it gives you the best value for money.

APACS Thunderdome 6.2 Cheah Like Hou (Paralympcs Gold Medalist) (Strung)

  • Frame Material: 30T Japan HM Graphite, Aero+Box, Compact Frame

    Shaft Material: 40T Japan HM Graphite, Super Slim Shaft

    Flex: Medium Stiff

    Weight: 81g +/- 2 (5U-G2)

    Length: 672mm

    Max Tension: 35lbs

    Balance: 295mm +/- 3 (Slight Head Heavy)

    Grommet: 76

    Colour:  Navy


    Recommended to players:

    Intermediate/ advanced


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