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Buddy Sports is a New-Zealand-owned business with a huge passion in badminton. We believe badminton is a great sport because it is good for our body fitness and health, easy to meet friends, and unlike many other sports, it has no restriction from the weather so it can be played anytime!


Our goal is to open opportunities to children and adults to enjoy badminton by providing affordable and suitable equipment to everyone and organizing events.

Serving a Shuttlecock

As we are proud to be a New-Zealand business, we’d also like to support our local businesses!


We brought up the idea of voucher gifts, and connected it with our membership system. Please feel free to check out these amazing local businesses on the award page!


“Buddy in sports, buddies in community” - we are your buddy in sports, you are our buddies in community."


Our business principles and guiding values

Provide quality Services & Products

Value Your Needs

Support local community

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