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The Tornado Woven M3 comes with a super cool limited edition boutique box. If you're not a fan of the box, no worries! You can choose to skip it using the option below. Your preference matters!

Introducing the Tornado Woven M3, a new high-end badminton racket by Maxx that tops in precision and speed. Designed for players who demand unparalleled performance, the Tornado Woven M3 is your gateway to supremacy in fast-paced rallies.

Built with Woven technology, the Tornado Woven M3 provides more stable and impactful control with its highly durable, composed 40-tonne graphite. 


Racket specification:

-Woven tech

-Hexagonal Aero Frame

-Hight Modulus graphite

-Max tension 28-32lbs




-Balance point(8.7+0.2)

MAXX - Tornado Woven M3 (incl.string & grip)

    A white badminton feather shuttlecock at a corner on a badminton court._edited.jpg