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MAXX - Venus III (6U) (With PU grip and string)


  • The Maxx Venus III badminton racket stands among the remarkable products crafted by the visionary company Maxx, now proudly introduced as the newest addition to our esteemed collection of Malaysian branded badminton rackets. Maxx is renowned for its unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of sports, continuously striving to innovate and inspire players worldwide.
  • Venus III badminton racket uses a combination of Hot Melt Technology to create a frame that reduces air drag as the racket moves through the air, enabling faster racket speeds and quicker responses. The Fluid Box Frame is often associated with enhanced maneuverability and increased racket head speed.


  • Players using Venus III racket may find it easier to generate powerful smashes and execute swift shots, especially during fast-paced rallies. The reduced air resistance can contribute to an overall smoother and more efficient playing experience.
  • This badminton racket is suitable for beginner to intermediate players.

MAXX - Venus III (6U) (With PU grip and string)


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